FABYS is not just a local organization, it has become worldwide. Helping women and children across the world feel cancer free even if it is just for a moment.10435613_10153033264472319_6610038360963766971_n
We have compiled these photos from the amazing salons that have dedicated their time to help these amazing women.
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Celebrate The Ladies of Friends Are By Your Side Across The World

My name is tara Garced and I was introduced to your site by my friend Grace who owns CSI salon in farmingville ny,
On June 3 2015 I went in for my routine cancer check like I have for the past 5 years,,all the times before it was always negative, but I still got myself worked up over it, after my results,I would be fine for 5 months until next time, not exactly the way to live your life. Well this time I wasn’t so lucky and on June 3 2015, I went in and THEY JUST SONOGRAMED THE MARKERS, nothing else! Well I got an all clear, see you in 6 months!! I went home and took a shower and did my own exam and found a lump, the voice in my head was so loud, that doesn’t belong there!! I tried to go about my day, and got a card in the mail,that said all clear!! See you in 6 months!! Well the voice was so loud, IT SAID IT DOESNT BELONG THERE, CALL, KEEP CALLING, I DID JUST THAT, I was sent back to the hospital immediately, a new sono was done were I showed them, and the head of radiology came in and said he wanted an immediate biopsy, now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know, you have CANCER!! We went back the next day to get the actual diagnosis! I have INFILTRATING DUCTAL CARCINOMA. That came back triple negative,so it’s not driven by hormones, they don’t know what caused it, I’m lucky that the Braca test came back negative, so I don’t need a double mastectomy, but I did have a partial mastectomy on my left side, I just had my ports placed and I start chemo August 4. 2015,
I hadn’t seen Grace for a while, but as soon as she found out the situation, she told me of this great group, I’ve already been told I’m going to lose my hair, and that’s ok, the scariest part about this whole thing is, if I had waited the six months like they originally said, I would of been told to GET MY AFFAIRS IN ORDER,THAT THEY COULDNT HELP ME!! The type of cancer I have is very aggressive, I have twins that are 23 and an 18 year old, I have a husband that will be turning 40 in February !! I don’t have time to be screwing around with cancer!!! I have a life and I plan on living it!!
Thank you for being there, for giving me options and a placed to go.
Tara garced

It’s an update to a story Action News aired weeks ago: thanks to the generosity of strangers, a little boy battling cancer is getting his dying wish.

It’s exactly what 10-year-old Julian Ross wanted – to be at a home with his family, including little brother Braydon and Julian’s four puppies.

Action News spoke with his parents two weeks ago outside the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

They were happy with the hospital’s care but with no more options to treat his stage 4 neuroblastoma, Julian wanted to go home.

The problem was that hospice care where they live in upstate New York couldn’t handle his care.

That’s when his story went viral on social media with the help of a post from Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still – whose daughter Leah also battled neuroblastoma.

Martino Cartier of Wigs and Wishes got to work.

A call to the CEO of Kennedy Hospital lead to Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice.

Their nurses are trained to care for terminal kids but they still needed a local home for Julian.

That’s where Mary Gabrielli and her daughter Brenda come in.

Mary lost her husband Frank to ALS a few years ago. She can relate to how Julian’s parents feel so she welcomed them.

“I thought, ‘I have this big house and I just want to do something to make someone happy,'” said Gabrielli.

Upon leaving the hospital, Julian was even was escorted by police and the Wounded Warriors.

“It’s a beautiful thing to know you can post something and say, ‘Hey guys, whoever is listening, I need to help this kid’ and heavens gates open up,” said Cartier.

“He’s happier. It put a lot of life back into him. The love that people have is incredible for a little boy they didn’t even know,” said Kristi Ross, mom.

The home setting will give Julian more space, more fresh air and he can have his entire family there.

But his story shines the spotlight on a nationwide problem that there’s a need for more resources in more areas to offer home hospice care to kids who need it.