My Moms Story
Sheila Miller

In late Aug 2013, My Mom was admitted straight from a doctor’s office after getting the results of a CTscan looking for a kidney stone; instead they found at the time what was thought to be a melon size mass. After being admitted and several days of test and examinations later, they decided to take her to surgery to remover what they thought a melon size benign mass in her pelvic region.4 hours into surgery the doctors come out and have the family there call any siblings that were not present. We were advised that it was CANCER and it was approximately the size of a basketball. It had blocked her right kidney and the left had stopped working, It had blocked the colon along with some of her intestines, was causing her to have an appendicitis, and possibility have to remove her spleen, remove her tubes and ovaries. Along with that they informed us that she would have a colostomy, asked if we felt she would want to continue the surgery or let her wake up and make that decision. All of us kids decided to have them do what they needed too. It took them another 4 hours to complete the procedure. I at the time was in Florida, where I live. With in the next 24 hour I boarded a plane to go be by her side.
She never had any major pain prior to all this other than a burning in her back and not able to urinate. After she came out of Recover they had her on life support to just let her body rest.. She said she could here them talking and one Nurse made the comment if she would wake up we will take her off. She said all she could think about was waking up. Anyway….. After they moved her out of recovery and into a regular room, I stayed with her and sent my Brother home to rest.
Then the news came……. My Mom had Carcinoma Sarcoma…and was 1 out of 150,000 with it. They said it is very rare to have two forms of CANCER in one mass. They said she would need chemo and radiations. The doctors told us she could not be by herself during this time. She we all agreed I would bring to home to Florida with me. Mind you she is raising 2 additional children 17 and 12. Well needless to say the 17 year old my nephew did not want to leave TN. and choose to stay, but my niece the 12 yr old had to come.
Once back in Fl we went to what was at the time M.D. Anderson and is now UF Health Gynecological Oncologists because the mass began in the pelvic region. That is when we met Dr. Bakhru. He began to tell us that upon fuller studies on the mass it was even rarer than we had thought. My Mom is the ONLY ONE with this form. What makes her rare is 36 years ago she had a partial hysterectomy but the mass has uterine markers in it. So now it is called Uterine Carcinoma Sarcoma. About 5 days after her first Chemo treatment she was admitted to the hospital she was Neutropenic and had Cdiff.. Her Testimony is that through the whole thing, GOD HAD KEPT HER PAIN AWAY…HER MOTO is: ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.
She is now getting ready to have surgery on April 4th, which is also her birthday to fix a hernia that developed behind her ostomy, remove the stints that were place in both her kidney’s in Aug and remove some additional cancer in her pelvic area that the 9 chemo treatments did not kill. They have also found that she now how Diastolic Heart Failure and her cardiologist will be on stand by in case they need here during or after surgery. But yet again she says: ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL and GOD has This.

Thank you for reading MY Moms story.. Her loving Daughter,
Raelene Nickle

This is the lovely Patricia who came to the Studio the day before she started chemo. Her hair was shoulder length and she always wore it in a bun. I cut her hair into a short, off the face look and she loved it so much that we gave her a wig to mirror the style. Here are the before and afters….

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